So, Robin says you snore? Don't listen to her. She also says hairy man-apes live in the wilds of Manitoba. That aside, do you kick your legs, experience restlessness or grind your teeth when you sleep? Uh, no. Do you even have teeth? Hey! Teeth are just a hardware upgrade away, pal! Doc Robot lab table tongue depressor tired

Sleeping Beauty, Part 3 Comic Archive 2003-2005, Sleeping Beauty, Part 3, Originally published on May 20, 2005

The Good Little Robot

The Good Little Robot finished publishing regularly online in late 2005. New original strips can be seen in the bi–monthly publication Zoinks! Magazine.

The Story

The Good Little Robot is stranded here on Earth. With no way home, he tries to make the best of things by fitting into society. He gets a dull job, makes friends with Francis, a quiet sheep, and Robin, a young data-entry clerk who longs to get her journalism career back on track. A top secret, yet mostly inept government agency whose purpose is apparently to cover up the truth about extra-terrestrial life on Earth quickly catches wind of robot's existence, and makes his life a little more interesting than he would have liked.


The Good Little Robot has been seen in these fine publications:


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